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3 Easy Ways To Include powdered gelatin In Your regular Food 

All of you know that gelatin is a high- protein-containing substance that can increase your nutritional value. But most of you don’t know yet that the powdered form of gelatin can be put t use in numerous ways for consumption. For instance, when you are sauteing the onions or vegetables for the base of the casserole or sauce, sprinkle 1 to 2 tablespoons of powdered gelatin [เจ ลา ติ แบบ ผง, which is the term in Thai], depending on the quantity of the overall recipe. The addition will thicken the sauce and make it more viscous. The thickening is almost equivalent to the effect of adding any thickener or flour. But as it continues to act as a binder and thickener, don’t add too much of the powder. 

Making cream of wheat

It’s for those who lie to try out new and healthy recipes for having after dinner. This recipe of gelatin can even be a nice breakfast idea too. Take some cold raw milk and simply add the gelatin powder without forgetting to whisk it gradually. The whisking is necessary to avoid clumping. Let it settle down and thicken for around 10 minutes, just like a chia seed pudding. Gelatin expands slightly, so you have to approximately add ¼ cup of gelatin to 1 cup of milk. Now drink the milk but use a spoon to have the porridge. 

Fortifying soaked porridge 

If you love to have grains, soaked oatmeal will be a great alternative to the eggs in breakfast. Many of you like egg-based breakfasts these days as the fat, protein, and cholesterol keep on adding to good health. But the porridge is also a good option provided that it has got the same dose of protein. You can add the dose by adding the gelatin. You will feel additionally pleased with the taste and density. 

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