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Dentists Benefit From Online Referrals More Than Word Of Mouth

Many Canadian dentists depend on word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing to bring in new patients. According to 91.9 percent of Canadian dentists, word-of-mouth (WOM) attracts new patients. It’s an excellent method since it doesn’t demand any resources from practice owners, such as money, time, or monitoring. However, with patients increasingly focusing their attention on the internet, where should dentists spend their efforts? Are you seeking a dentist in Newstead?

There’s no doubting the advantages of word-of-mouth marketing, even while Oral Health Group tries to educate and encourage dentists to utilize internet marketing via the blog and Oral Health Office publications. Patients may effortlessly share their positive experiences, favorite hygienists, and successful treatments using this simple technique. There is a dramatic increase in the number of people phoning in when one of them has had a great experience.

The Capacity To Be Tracked – Getting Lost In The Data

There is very little data to monitor regarding word-of-mouth (WOM). Dentists may ask patients how they heard about their practice and then conduct a poll, although this may not reflect the majority of patients. There isn’t a single piece of information with web marketing that cannot be monitored. You may analyze, learn and improve the practice’s online presence, eventually affecting its success rate. A course may even begin to experiment with online advertising, sponsored lead forms, direct messaging, and more if it has a working knowledge of the internet. For an emergency google it. 

Responding – Keep An Eye On What’s Going On In The Dialogue

WOM, as previously stated, does not provide the opportunity for a response to harsh (or favorable) comments. As a result, they’re relying on word-of-mouth to get the news out. Because of the prevalence of negativity, dentists have difficulties dealing with it. This is where keeping a presence on social media may help. A practice can apologize, reach out, and take care of a negative review or remark on their website, review platform, or social media promptly. While the connection with one patient is saved, their rapid and loving reaction to the situation is disseminated to everyone.

Take A Moment Or An Hour

It may seem like tracking and reacting takes a lot of time, and that’s because it does. Understanding your target audience and reaching and interacting with them effectively requires a lot of data analysis. Responding to internet evaluations in a professional and personable way takes time. The simplicity of WOM makes it ideal for practitioners with few resources. It may be worth the risk of one patient sharing a wrong narrative about a practice’s services if most patients are happy with the service provided.

Do It Well Or Don’t Do It At All

It’s not for the faint of heart to engage in online marketing. The internet world has a lot to offer dental practices, but they need to know how to make the most of it. It’s easy for digital tasks to be pushed to the back of a clinic’s to-do list, making a practice seem unprofessional (incomplete profiles, unfinished websites, and a lack of online information).


The size of a practice’s clientele may be the most crucial consideration in this dispute. The WOM approach may be used effectively in a small, suburban town when there are just a few practices to select from. A strong internet presence might provide you with an advantage over your competitors in more crowded markets.

Your mind may be whirling right now. Should you take a chance on WOM working in your favor, or try your hand at an effective online presence? When it comes to a successful practice, there isn’t one formula that works for everyone.

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