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Difference between Vitamin C cream and Serum

Face serums are the most recent rage in the face care space, with the individual skincare experts and skin care brands flashing them as one-stop-solution for all your skincare issues. And if you, like most of us are still thinking if it is any diverse from the plain moisturizer, then you must go through this post to know about serum and vitamin c cream for face.

About Serums

A face serum is a stand-alone product, i.e. it is completely diverse from other skin care products in regards to its potent formulations, customized options and immediate impact on the skin. Serums are non-greasy, light-textured skin care essentials that work to replenish and repair the skin cells from deep within. They have extremely potent formulations with hard working active ingredients that go a long way in addressing a range of skincare problems. For instance, there are serums for anti-ageing, acne prevention, and skin brightening. The extremely concentrated active ingredients present in the serum penetrate your skin and work considerably in treating particular skincare concerns such as pigmentation, wrinkles, scarring, and fine lines.

About Moisturizers

Moisturizers are skin hydrating emollients that are cream based and of thicker constancy. Creams and moisturizers have superior molecules than face serums, so they do not go through into the surface layer of the skin. As they do not go through the epidermis, they do not bring any noteworthy replenishing and repairing properties with them. Vitamin C creams or moisturizers work on hydrating the epidermis, and stop loss of skin moisture. They assemble on the top layer of the skin, acting as a physical barrier to keep environmental irritants out and hydration in.

Do you need both serum and cream?

Moisturizer looks after the superficial level of skin by moisturizing it while Serum packed with active ingredients goes deeper into the skin. Serums lack the sealing effect and hence require a moisturizer to lock the augmenting active ingredients into the skin layers. Moisturizer is the ideal barrier and offers skin protection which in turn assists the serum work its fascination on your skin. 

You can pair the serum with a moisturizer which has the same hydrating agents or more anti-ageing. The right combination of serum and moisturizer will definitely help to brighten, hydrate, and nourish your skin while taking care of fine lines and pigmentation. A natural face cream and serum ensures that your skin receives the much needed nourishment in the most contaminant-free way possible. 

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