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Safe Ways to Purchase Tadalafil Online

Tadalafil is a medication that helps men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) to get and maintain erections. Tadalafil stays in the body for as long as 36 hours. This is convenient because it allows a man time to prepare for a romantic weekend. In other words, Tadalafil does not interrupt intimate moments! This is why Tadalafil is preferred by many men over other ED drugs. BlueChew’s chewable Tadalafil is easy to chew and can be used all weekend.  Thanks to telemedicine, men can now order Tadalafil online without worrying about the quality of their purchase.

How Tadalafil Works

The body releases a substance known as nitric oxide, which is released when men are aroused. The body releases a substance called nitric oxide (NO), which brings a chemical known as cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). This relaxes the muscles around the penis and allows blood to flow into the organ, triggering a stiff erection.

The body will also compress the veins that drain blood from the penis while this is going on. This allows men to maintain an erection, and the blood stays in place. The body eventually activates the PDE5 enzyme and processes the cGMP. After sex, the erection will stop, and the penis will become flaccid again.

Regardless of the underlying cause of ED, the natural process of an erection is sometimes interrupted. This often makes it harder to have or maintain a sufficient erection for intercourse. Tadalafil (a PDE5 inhibitor) can help. Consumers can have a better erection and hold it on until they are able to have sex.

Online Tadalafil Purchase

It’s important to know that users do need a prescription to purchase Tadalafil online. However, they can still order Tadalafil online through BlueChew. This subscription connects men with licensed medical professionals, allowing them to access ED drugs without ever leaving the house. Users can’t legally sell or buy Tadalafil online unless they have a prescription. Therefore, it is important to avoid buying ED pills from unlicensed suppliers.

Is it Possible to Have A Prescription Mailed?

Absolutely! BlueChew will send Tadalafil online tablets to users after a consultation with a licensed medical professional. Just like any other prescription, a Tadalafil online prescription belongs to the user alone and cannot be shared with anyone else, even if they reside at the same address.

Dosage of Tadalafil

BlueChew can also provide prescriptions for Tadalafil tablets in 6mg and 9 mg chewable forms. This allows for easy dosing for even those who have difficulty swallowing ED pills.

Tadalafil should be taken at least 30-60 mins before users have sex. Because it doesn’t matter what they eat, consumers can chew their Tadalafil dose with or without food. Tadalafil can be absorbed into the body for up to 36 hours. This makes it a great option for weekends and when partners want to have some adult fun.

These long-lasting effects are the main reason why Tadalafil is preferred to Sildenafil (the active ingredient in Viagra). Sildenafil only stays in the system for four to six hours. Users shouldn’t be concerned about feeling aroused for the entire time. Although the medication is still in the body for a longer time, users shouldn’t experience sexual stimulation.

Side Effects and Counter-Indications

It is important to know that Tadalafil can cause side effects in some cases. Common side effects include headaches, flushed skin, nausea, stomach upset, changes in vision, and nasal congestion. Although most symptoms are not serious, it is worth talking to a licensed physician if users experience any of these symptoms after taking the medication.

Some side effects can be more severe. Some side effects are more serious, such as an extended erection lasting over four hours (a condition known as priapism), sudden hearing loss, or vision loss. These side effects of Tadalafil should be reported immediately to a physician.

Although Tadalafil can be tolerated well by most people, it is not recommended to take this medication if:

  • Prescription vasodilator medication, angina medication, or medication for pulmonary hypertension are being taken
  • Street drugs like amyl-nitrite and nitrite, as well as butyl nitrate, are being taken

BlueChew consultations should include a discussion of all medications and recreational drug use. This will allow a licensed medical professional to safely prescribe Tadalafil online.

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