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Simple exercises to treat vertigo

Do you often feel dizzy like your head is spinning? It means you may be experiencing vertigo. This feeling is irritating and bothersome. Many people suffer from the dizziness or vertigo mostly who are in their old age and some with worse cases other than. If you are not treated and ignored it may get worse by time. When we talk about dizziness so you must know that the feeling of both vertigo and dizziness is different because the both conditions are entirely different. Vertigo is a disease and dizziness are a symptom. The most common type of vertigo is BPPV vertigo, which is often treated by medications.

These medications may lower the symptoms of the vertigo, but it does not address the root cause of this problem. Doctors prescribed some antibiotics or other medicines which can treat bacterial infection in the ear, but these methods do not always work for everybody. In this case, the most effective solution in vertigo recovery is related exercises. These exercises are designed to treat BPPV which is happening when calcium carbonate crystals from your ear enters into semicircular canals and sends faulty signals to brain. These exercises help to redistribute those crystals. There are many simple exercises for vertigo, but its best that you visit vertigo specialist and dizziness specialist before practicing these exercises. These vertigo specialist Los Angeles first figure out the reason behind that. There are many things that trigger vertigo and sometimes dizziness like sleeping positions or head is hit by something, etc.

As we discuss above that there are many simple exercises along with medications that can help ease this disturbing sensation which are as follows.

  • Start in a straight, seated position.
  • Close your eyes and lay yourself to one side of the bed so that side is flat on the bed now.
  • Incline your head above and let the vertigo pass.
  • Come back to your sitting position.
  • Repeat this step second, third and fourth time for the other side of your body.

You should be calm and composed while doing all these exercises to get rid this vertigo. These exercises should be done two times a day in the morning five times and in evening five times to stop the vertigo. There are more exercises to decrease the discomfort that is caused by vertigo which are:

  • Ease your eyes and muscles of the tension.
  • You should stand up to maintain balance without feeling the spinning sensation for about one or two minutes.
  • Control your body from both sides, maintain your balance.
  • Turn 360 degrees while maintaining your balance still.
  • You should try walking in a straight line which is difficult for a vertigo patient and you should face dizziness after doing this exercise.

These exercises are very effective if you stay calm while doing these and take a slow start because many of them causes nausea and vomiting.There are many other natural remedies to treating vertigo. The most common is with ginger which is very effective and bring relief in a few minutes of use. Another remedy is the use of Ginko biloba, which is an herb that stimulates blood flow in the brain, where certain disorders may occur. This method is the preferred method of naturally treating your vertigo.

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