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4 Ingredients To Avoid While Picking a Shampoo

Switching to a new shampoo and wondering about where to start from? Keep scrolling down the page and get updated with the list of 4 harmful ingredients that you should avoid while making a choice.

Making changes to beauty products is always daunting, especially if you have used the same product for years. Long gone are those days when buying shampoo used to be simple as now the presence of innumerable options has turned this easy choice into a back-breaking task. 

Looking forward to selecting the organic Tea Tree Clarifying Shampoo for long, shiny hairs? Here is the rundown of the 4 ingredients that you should stay away from. 

Let’s take a look!!

  1. Paraben

Parabens are counted amongst the harmful ingredients that cause skin irritation and other problems such as rosacea and dermatitis. These are considered Xenoestrogens and can bind the estrogen receptors in the human body. Parabens can also elevate the cellular level damage caused by UV exposure and thus lead to skin cancer.

According to recent studies, this ingredient can even cause eye damage and blindness in small children. Therefore, it would be suggested to go for Paraben-free shampoos, especially for kids and infants. This ingredient must be avoided while picking the shampoo. 

  • Sulfates

The second-most dangerous ingredient one must stay away from is none other than sulfates. A common chemical used in the shampoo, Sulfate proves to be extremely harsh, especially for those with dry, frizzy, or curly hair. It usually washes away the essential oil from the scalp and thus leaves the skin feeling a little parched.

You will be surprised to know that this chemical can even accentuate the risk of premature greying of hairs and infuse other hair problems. If you are looking for the sulfate-free option, then opt for the Tea Tree Shampoo without thinking twice, and eliminate the risk of redness or itching. 

  • Sodium Chloride

Sodium Chloride is generally added in the shampoos to make their consistency thicker. However, this causes irritation on the hair scalp and makes it dry and itchy, which will then lead to major hair loss. It can adversely affect the color of your hair as well as dehydrate the hair strands. 

Although Sodium Chloride comes with various pitfalls, this is still the major ingredient that manufacturers cannot avoid adding. Therefore, it is advised to go for the organic options and make your hairs look glossy and smooth. 

  • Volumizers

Who on this planet doesn’t love bouncy hairs with extra volume? But have you thought about what these artificial volumizers actually costing you? There are several studies that show that these volumizers multiply the risk of hair loss by thousand times. However, keep in mind that fact they themselves never cause a hair loss problem but if you are already suffering the same, they can trigger the condition. So, it’s better to be avoiding the same as much as possible. 

The Bottom Line

This is it. Hope you find it informational!! Give organic Tea Tree clarifying shampoo a try and make your hairs look softer and healthier than ever. 

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