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Common skin issues that are seen in the elderly

Most elderly people in Huntsville are somewhere prone to the various skin conditions that come as they age. As the age changes, body and skin also go through several changes. These changes depend on several factors like diet, lifestyle, personal habits and genes, etc. However, not all the skin conditions are serious and you may treat them by contacting skin Dr Huntsville. Here are some common skin issues found in older adults:


These are said to be the most common issue of the aging skin. More often these wrinkles follow the sun exposures that makes the skin loose and it also reduces the flexibility of the skin. It is also believed that smokers tend to have more wrinkles than that of non-smokers. Various medications and skin treatments may reduce the adverse affect of wrinkles.

Age spots

During the older age, people often experience age spots. This can be due to the changing skin, your genes, or your lifestyle. Sometimes, the reason behind this is severe sun exposure. This problem is common on the body parts like hands, face, forearms, etc.


Many elders also go through some skin infections like dermatophytosis, candidiasis, viral as well as bacterial skin issues. Moreover, fungal skin issues have also been seen in some older adults. These infections are treated as soon as detected or else these can be a cause of severe skin disease.


This skin issue is also termed as pressure ulcers. In this condition, the elder person experiences ulcers that are developed due to the pressure if the person sits or lies somewhere for a longer period of time. These are common among those people who have sitting and moving problems and need help to do so. Bedsores can easily be avoided by having a frequent repositioning and movement of the body and skin.

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