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Do Not Worry About Your Discolored Teeth

Teeth whitening can be an effective solution for achieving a brighter smile. While brushing and flossing are necessary for maintaining dental health, they may not always result in the desired level of whiteness. Fortunately, various teeth whitening methods are available that can quickly and effectively bleach your teeth. If you’re dissatisfied with the color of your teeth, you’re not alone, as many people seek teeth whitening procedures to address yellow teeth. As a professional dentist offering affordable teeth whitening in Vancouver explains, discoloration of teeth can result from several factors, including smoking, drinking, and eating habits, as well as injuries that can cause discoloration on the front surface of your teeth. Therefore, proper care of your teeth’s dentin is essential for maintaining their color and overall health.

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Teeth whitening is a natural procedure as it solely aims to change the color of your natural teeth. However, it’s worth noting that some individuals have naturally discolored teeth that are not easy to whiten. The success of the whitening process depends on the type and hue of your natural teeth, and while some may experience significant changes, others may only see a slight improvement. It’s crucial to prioritize dental health as it directly affects tooth color, and your dietary habits can also contribute to teeth discoloration. For instance, coffee, black tea, and red wine can exacerbate tooth discoloration. Therefore, avoiding them after the whitening process is advisable to prevent the color from reverting to the front surface of your teeth or inducing sensitivity.

Before Teeth Whitening Treatment

Before undergoing a teeth whitening procedure, following some straightforward instructions is essential to increase the chances of success. Firstly, ensuring your dental health is in good condition is crucial, as any existing dental issues like decay or infection can affect the outcome. It’s highly recommended to have a comprehensive dental examination by a skilled dentist before starting the teeth whitening procedure. This will address any dental problems, resulting in better oral health and stronger teeth and gums before the whitening process begins.

affordable teeth whitening in Vancouver

During This Process

A cheek retractor will be used to prevent contact between your cheeks and the whitening materials during teeth whitening. Additionally, a tongue guard will be applied to protect your tongue. After rinsing and drying your teeth, the whitening materials will be carefully applied to the enamel. In some cases, curing lights may be used to activate the materials. After a specific time, the materials will be rinsed off, and your dentist will assess the shade of your teeth to determine if the desired outcome has been achieved. If not, the process may be repeated.

The Final Say

Although you can whiten your teeth at home using whitening products from drugstores, they’re less effective than the professional teeth whitening treatments offered by dentists. These at-home options can usually only produce a two or three-shade difference and may not be effective if your teeth are severely stained. Professional teeth whitening is necessary if you’re seeking a significant improvement in your smile, especially if you have deep-set stains. If you think you’re a good candidate for a teeth whitening treatment, it’s recommended that you visit your cosmetic dentist promptly to discuss your options.

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