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Sclerotherapy: What Are The Side Effects To Expect?

So, you are considering Sclerotherapy but wondering what side effects you should expect are? 

Side effects of any medical procedure can leave you awake for days wondering whether the procedure is worth it or not. In this post, we will bring a small guide on the side effects, so you can understand whether Sclerotherapy is suitable for you or not. 

Sclerotherapy is an effective treatment for spider veins, but it is essential to understand the specific side effects of the procedure. Side effects of this medical procedure vary from person to person, depending on their body type. 

Some users can expect rashes and swelling if their body doesn’t react with the chemicals well. For people with sensitive skin, they might experience skin burns. If you encounter skin burns, you must alert your doctor as soon as possible. 

 Another possible side effect of Sclerotherapy is that some people who have taken antibiotics before the procedure may experience dermal staining. Apart from this, Sclerotherapy is a safe procedure with no significant side effects. 

  • What to do if you experience side effects?

Although the Sclerotherapy side effects vary from one person to the other, if you are someone who experiences even any minor side effects, we suggest consulting your doctor from the local Sclerotherapy services who can guide you with the proper medications. 

  • Is there a way to avoid side effects?

Yes, there are possibilities that you can avoid some minor side effects of the procedure by taking extra precautions before your procedure. One of the feasible ways to prevent the side effects is by avoiding any antibiotics at least a week before your Sclerotherapy session. Remember, you also need to avoid anti-inflammatory medications, resulting in decreased efficiency of the solution injected for Sclerotherapy. 

Before you start your Sclerotherapy session, we suggest that you consult your doctor about the medications you are currently taking (if any). It is also the best option to consult your doctor and discuss the dos and don’ts before your Sclerotherapy session. This can avoid various minor side effects and make your session efficient and smooth. 

Advanced Vein Therapy is reliable and provides one of the best Sclerotherapy in Boise. You can book your Sclerotherapy appointment and consult the professionals with all your queries. Additionally, once your Sclerotherapy is completed, the team will help you with the after-procedure guidance for the best treatment. 

We hope the information about the side effects and how to avoid them helps you in a clear understanding of the procedure. For any questions, mention them in the comments section, and we will get back to you. 

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