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Which Weed Dispensary Provides Same Day Weed Delivery Winnipeg?

The only weed dispensary that provides their customer with their weed order on the same day of the order placement is The Green Mates. The Green Mates is a website that provides the service of same day weed delivery Winnipeg.

With the help of The Green Mates’ same day weed delivery Winnipeg services, you can get your item delivered on the same day no matter where you live in Winnipeg.

Thus, if you want same day weed delivery Winnipeg, you should create a customer account on the official website of The Green Mates.

History of weed

The history of weed or cannabis goes back to the Neolithic age. In the Neolithic age, cannabis was used for making fabric and ropes in countries like Japan and China. In those times, the main growth of cannabis occurred in Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent.

No evidence can give us the exact time or age when cannabis started being used for its psychoactive properties and other recreational purposes. However, the use of cannabis by the Romanians for recreational purposes is the oldest evidence of cannabis being used for its psychoactive effects. This evidence dates back to 3500 BC.

Apart from the Romanians, some scholars also believe that cannabis or weed was used in rituals and sacred ceremonies conducted by the Proto-Indo-European tribes that lived in the Pontic-Caspian steppe. This was in the Chalcolithic period.

Slowly, these tribes started spreading the use of cannabis across the West of Eurasia as they did the Indo-European migrations. Some historic research also shows that Soma, an ancient and sacred Indo-Iranian drug also contained some amount of cannabis. The evidence of this was a basin discovered in a shrine in Turkmenistan around the second millennium BC. This basin contained traces of cannabis.

The ancient Assyrians also knew about this drug. They got to know about the psychoactive properties of cannabis through the Iranians. The Assyrians also used cannabis in religious ceremonies. They gave cannabis a new name and called it qunubu. In the language of the Assyrians, qunubu is something that can produce smoke.

Apart from the Assyrians, the Thracians, Dacians, and Scythians were also introduced to cannabis by the Iranians.

Before 2800 BC, China also started using the plant cannabis. Around 1000 BC, India also started using cannabis for therapeutic purposes. They often used to mix the cannabis plant with food or drink. One such Indian drink prepared by adding cannabis is known as bhang.

It is believed that people living in the Pamir Mountains of China were the first ones to smoke cannabis. This was around 2500 years ago in the tombs of Jirzankal Cemetery.

In this cemetery, some residual cannabis was found in the burners along with some charred pebbles. It is also believed that the Scythians ate the cannabis plants as a ceremonial practice.

In the modern world, Spaniards introduced cannabis in the years 1530 to 1545. After that, they traveled to North Africa and the Middle East from 1836-1840.

From the Middle East, the drug came to the West through an Irish physician named William Brooke. William Brooke was worded as a medical officer in Bengal under the rule of the East India Company.  Thus, slowly, the use of cannabis spread throughout the whole world and became popular.


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