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Breast Implant Removal: All you need to know

Breast augmentation surgery is a fairly popular treatment in the field of cosmetic surgery. Despite their widespread use, there are several circumstances where you may require or choose to remove your implants. Breast implant removal surgery entails removing or replacing the implants that have already been placed. As with any surgical procedure, it’s critical to know what’s involved and any potential dangers.

In this article, we’ll take a deeper look at why breast implant removal surgery could be necessary, as well as the risks, expenses, and other factors to consider before undergoing surgery.

Reasons For Breast Implant Removal

The surgeon may be required to remove the implants for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to

There is dissatisfaction with the implants on the part of the patient;

• Due to weight changes or pregnancy, the implants may occasionally move or droop out of position.

• Around the implants, a hard capsule may begin to form, which may cause the implants to become harder and lumpier in appearance.

• Some injuries may cause the implants to burst, leak, or become damaged.

When it comes to breast size and form, the patient may want to return to their previous measurements.

The patient may decide to replace the old implants with new ones after the breast implants have been put because they are not permanent.

What is the appearance of breasts after Breast Implant Removal?

When implants are removed, some women report that their breasts appear wrinkled. This is due to the enlargement of the breast skin to fit the implant placements. It takes many months for the skin to return to its original texture once the implants have been removed. People over the age of 35 may require mastopexy because of the loss of elasticity in their skin.

It is possible for your breasts to sag or droops if you haven’t had your implants replaced or had a breast lift operation done. This is due to various causes such as weight increase or loss, pregnancy, and nursing. As a result, breast implant removal is required regardless of whether you have breast augmentation or reduction procedures performed.

The removal of breast implants is often a one-time treatment that has a lasting effect, unlike many other types of cosmetic surgery. Visiting the surgeon is recommended if you are still experiencing discomfort or swelling even after five or six months following breast implant removal.

 Benefits of Breast Implant Removal :

  • Pain reduction is one of the main advantages of breast implant removal.
  • Implants become a horrible burden for women causing both physical and psychological agony.
  • Depression creeps in quickly, and most women feel overwhelmed.
  • So breast implant removal is sometimes a blessing.
  • Most ladies who had the procedure felt instant relief.
  • Large implant discomfort is the first to go.
  • Shoulders, back, and neck suffer the most, and pain disappears as the chest weight is eliminated.
  • The worry of problems also vanishes following surgery.
  • As you may be aware, implants pose some health concerns.
  • Capsular contracture is an inflammation caused by a leaky cap.

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