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How To Detect That We’ve Lost Control?

The first is usually being afraid of disconnection. People who suffer from this are terrified of missing something important through social media, feeling left out, and making them feel the need to stay connected. The disconnection causes them a lot of anguish, and they are used to constantly comparing themselves to others. Click on social detox is (social detox คือ which is the term in Thai)

The Next Step: Frustration.

What Do I Do: Disappear?

However, the answer does not seem to be total disappearance. As The New York Times pointed out some time ago, the tentacles of social networks have reached such a point that not being present in them raises questions about their legitimacy, popularity and if you are up to date. On its pages, a digital marketing and social media consultant recommends staying on at least LinkedIn, the professional networking site, since if you don’t show up, a potential employer might wonder what you’re hiding.

Furthermore, social networks have their positive function. For your experience on Instagram: When you use it on a professional level, it’s beautiful because it allows you to reach an unlimited number of people, something that would be very difficult to achieve otherwise. Both for the products you want to offer and the information and help (videos, phrases, inspiring images, etc.) you want to give to others for free. 

In recent months, the phenomenon has skyrocketed: During confinement, the use of social media has risen dramatically. I imagine it’s because I can’t leave. We were all locked up at home and, as human beings, are social and need to relate to others through the networks we felt closer. We saw what others did, what they published, what they shared, so we didn’t feel so far away from them. There were also many interviews and live conferences,

The problem is if the anxiety appears. But several simple practices help disconnect and find emotional relief to avoid the well-known FOMO, the acronym for “fear of losing something,” the fear of being left out of the new social map.

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