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Our teeth are an integral part of our smile. Having discoloured teeth can make us feel self-conscious about our smiles. We might even find ourselves being apprehensive about smiling. Having a bright smile can impact our confidence and even help us to brighten someone else’s day. How do you make your smile brighter and whiter? The best way to do that is by undergoing Teeth Whitening by Molson Park Dentistry. With years of experience, the team of dentists have established their reputation for being the leading names in the industry. They work with their patients to help them get the bright and clean smiles they deserve.

The team of experienced dentists understand the impact a bright smile can have. During your appointment with them, they will examine your teeth. At this time, your expectations about how white you want your teeth to be will be discussed. Based on the goals and condition of your teeth, the dentist will suggest an approach that you can follow. Two approaches are highly recommended. One of the approaches is doing an at-home whitening treatment. The second approach is an in-clinic treatment, during which a procedure is carried out by the dentist. The consultation will help the dentist to determine which approach would be the best suited for you. Before making a decision, it is best to understand how both approaches work.

At-Home Whitening approach

As the name suggests, this approach involves carrying out steps at home. When you are looking to whiten your teeth, there are many products available in the market that claim to whiten your teeth. It is highly suggested, that you carry out at-home treatment under the guidance of a dentist. The dentist will prepare a custom-fit plastic whitening tray for you. You are required to fill the trays with the whitening gel. The dentist will guide you about the amount of gel that you need to use. They will also recommend the number of times you can carry out the treatment at home and for how long.

In-Clinic Teeth Whitening Approach

When planning a whitening treatment, it is highly suggested that you undergo the process at a licensed dental facility. It is the safest and quickest approach to achieve the bright and white teeth you have always dreamed of. The in-clinic approach will help you to get the desired results in one visit. The procedure lasts for about 90 minutes. In the teeth whitening process, a dental dam is used to apply the teeth bleaching gel on the upper and lower teeth. The gel needs to be applied carefully to ensure that it doesn’t touch the soft tissues. After the application of the gel, the dentist will make use of the plasma arc light. The teeth are exposed to the light for 30-minutes at two intervals. This enables the teeth to become as white as you have desired. The procedure lasts for about 90 minutes, you can spend this time watching a movie, listening to music or a podcast.

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